A business card is still important! Here is 5 Reasons why!

business card

Written by Tauriq Moerat

April 11, 2020

1. A business card is personal.

When making connections with people business cards are much more personal than an email or digital business card. An actual product in the prospect clients hand looks professional and creates a better first impression if done professionally.

2. Business cards is a direct marketing tool for your brand.

If you are responsible for marketing your brand/business, or serve as an ambassador for your brand then always carry your professional business card with you. At any given moment you could encounter a potential client that could lead to a business opportunity.

On a daily basis we go to so many different places whether its a conference, business meeting, or even the local supermarket! These are all places that you could stumble on a connection and business opportunity. Remember to keep spare business cards in your wallet, suitcase or laptop bag. It should be easy to just hand it over at any given moment.

Most meetings and business networking requires you to bring them along. A person to person meeting should end with a handshake and information exchange.

3. Creative business cards market themselves.

Make your business card shout out your brand! Some conversations end with the future client never seeing your office and what your business is about. Let your professional business card leave a lasting impression that will leave a client wanting his very own.

If a business card is the only first impression that your business can make then try your best to hire a professional graphic designer to do it for you. Don’t be afraid to spend what you budget allows, but try to get quality over quantity. Don’t allow the only impression of yourself to be a contact number on a mobile phone.

Here are some examples of awesome business card ideas

A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir. – Lisa Gansky

4. It’s a first impression of your business. 

Don’t allow your business card to give the client a first impression that says cheap! It might be the first and last impression that you give him/her. Make a memorable first impression that will last even when the client departures from you.

If you’re like me and spring clean your wallet or laptop bag every once in a while, have you noticed when you about to throw away some business cards you can always link a memory to when you received it. Make sure that memory makes the client keep your card.

5. A calling card shows you are prepared.

Punching in your number on a persons mobile phone or writing it on a piece of paper doesn’t guarantee that they will remember your name in a few days time. Giving a business card creates value as they can just grab it and be reminded of exactly what you do, while having all your details at the same time.

How do you feel about printed business cards — do you use them? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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