Vehicle Branding

vehicle branding

Vehicle and Fleet Branding

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Your vehicle is a moving billboard, advertising your business and services where ever it may go. Branding your vehicle is a free form of advertising for the whole year around. 

CreateSA provides different forms of branding your car. We print removable car magnets, direct vinyl prints on your vehicle as well as full car wraps.

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Here is some information on why vehicle wrapping is important.

Below are some more reasons why vehicle branding can help your business.

1. Improves local business opportunities.

Consumers sometimes prefer to use services and products that are close to them. When people see your wrapped vehicle in the area the chances that they will simply give you a call is much higher as you are a local business, its just better to go local! 

2. No effort advertising.

Whether you are on the road for the day or just parked outside of your residential area your vehicle acts as a moving billboard. Standing in traffic makes it easy for a potential client to see your services and just pull out their smart phone and grab a picture of all the details so that they can make contact with you. A wrapped vehicle doesn’t only create the potential for local business it also creates exposure where ever you go!

3. Active advertising.

Branded vehicles gives the opportunity for potential clients to see your website URL. When a client visits your website he might stumble on some more services that he never knew he needed. By creating a website you wont necessarily get all the business that you need, instead you should try to use multiple forms of advertising that works with one another to achieve maximum exposure for your business.

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